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Icarus Michael Hullihan
United States


When Icarus was younger he was in a house fire where his parents, and assumingly his brother and sister died. Though depressed, Icarus went off on his own and traveled the east coast and as he continued his way, he began to meet many people. In different places, he met the EverymanHYBRID group, as well as Alex from Marble Hornets, and Chris and Alex, from the DarkHarvest youtube channel. That though, was when he actually saw Slenderman. As well as a cult group called The Order. As he finally arrived to the west coast, that is where he eventually passed out on the side of the road. He was found by Noah and Milo and they took him to their place. He then became a good friend and a younger brother to them. Little did they know Icarus has been being stalked by Slenderman and the Lingerer.
In the outside world Icarus hosted a Youtube called "Icarus91", which documented the Slenderman and other supernatural beings that were after him. This channel becomes quite popular and Icarus becomes well known on the internet.

Like all outsiders, Icarus fell threw a hole and crashed into Wonderland. Despite being a nervous wreck by Slenderman, he was easily accepted into the community. He grew fearful again when he learned that Slenderman wandered Wonderland as well. He didn't know how to defend himself and felt quite worthless. Because of this, he seeked protection from other people, including his older (adoptive) sister Moon-Anita-Bishop.

Moon showed him a place to work and Icarus became an apprentice of the carpenter. This distracted him from his fears and made him a bit happier, but not entirely. Soon after the carpenter died from old age, which upsetted him. He had grown to love the carpenter and even saw him as a father. Icarus inherited the shop and the apartment above it, but didn't really have enough will to reopen the shop. As it remained closed, Icarus stayed in the apartment above it. Soon later he found that his brother Nexus was actually alive and well, along with his sister Rose.

Meanwhile Slenderman was still after him, wanting Icarus to join the collective. He had been flirted with numerous times by Yamira and Swain, who found him cute and tried to get him to join. Eventually Icarus gave in and became a proxy. Moon found out about this and, along with Victor "Yami" Sabbath, they helped him out of the collective by banishing the Slenderman into another universe. Icarus felt upset how he had given in and was comforted by Moon and Lucia. Soon after he moved into the loft with them and the apartment remained empty. Eventually Icarus gets a job at Eleanor's Bakery and works with Stan Barlow and Nira York.

As the years passed, Icarus decided to live in his apartment, that was made arrangements with Moon. Though things didn't go right as Icarus had thought. The Collective knew where he was staying, and made "toying" with him a lot easier. But as the years progressed, Icarus had become stronger which amazed him as well. He was revealed to be the "Blood of Sebastian", a blood relative to Sebastian Kraus, a world war 2 soldier that was taken by the Slenderman in the Black Forest, Germany. With this awakened power, and its progression, Icarus now feels calm and proud about the power. But he also fears, that he is becoming something completely different, a monster. He plans to destroy the Slenderman and the Collective with this power, as time goes on and he becomes stronger.

[More to be added as time goes on]


Icarus is a paranoid nervous wreck who is not strong enough to fight back, but he has a strong heart. He doesn't give up easily despite the situation and is often reckless. He often goes to observe or interact with something when it's far too dangerous. He is gullible and will listen to whatever anyone says when it sounds too good to be true, especially when he is in a desparate state.
He doesn't have much confidence, however, and thinks he can't become strong; in result he never really accepted. He is also a bit on the sensitive side and usually breaks down in tears to Moon when everything is too hard to handle.

He as well, has a sadistic and cold side, which the other calls him "Gabriel". With Gabriel, he still cares for his friends like Icarus does, but to his enemies and to anyone else, he shows a much cruel and a none caring side. He does not like to be called Icarus, since people would think he is "weak willed". He still shows care towards his family and friends, but only to his chosen few. He also has a calm side, With Icarus is always paranoid, he is calm.

As the years progressed, Icarus has began to became a more calm individual. But always hiding his problems from everyone. He has grown attached to people, considering them best friends or even family as well, and knows that they can be trusted. As to his enemies, he is quiet but calm. And as to his fears, his paranoia is unlike anyone has ever seen. He had actually locked himself inside the apartment building a few times and even had multiple emotional breakdowns. He continues to bottle his emotions, and act calm towards people, avoiding personal topics, including HIM or Mr Slim. (Slenderman) and Shade (Lingerer)


Icarus has blue short hair and blue eyes. He wears a white shirt with a green check and blue jeans. He wears black converse shoes and carries around a camera for his webshow. Sometimes he can be seen carrying his backpack and his laptop, which allows him to talk to his viewers. His face is covered in bandages

Lately now, he now has longer hair, a blade hilt on the left side of his waist, as well as a trench coat to add to his appearance.

As the years had progressed, Icarus had accepted his power, and gained a new appearance. His armor was light blue, as the cape was dark gray. There are three buckles as well, and a medieval blade on the left side of his hilt.
(If you do not like the character, you do not have to rp with him. Cliched it may be or not, if you are not comfortable with the character, you DO NOT have to rp with him. You don't even need to watch him. Just go away. That's all you have to do.)

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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 1, 2013, 1:03 PM



My o.c, and separate personality of Icarus, Gabriel! Go and give him some follows guys. Rp, follow, and enjoy~

And as well, no main accounts. Please.

Thank you~

~Admin out)

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